Why LinkedIn is a Must-Have for Financial Advisors?

If you don’t consider LinkedIn as a business growth factor, you are missing a great opportunity.

Some financial advisors might overlook and underestimate the significance of LinkedIn. There are a lot of reasons behind this, yet the most common & reasonable explanation would be due to the lack of resources and time.

LinkedIn is viewed as a job-seeking platform for recruiters. But at this point, like never before, LinkedIn has advanced into the leading platform for all businesses regarding marketing. 

Sounds great?

Let’s find out more about this incredible platform!

LinkedIn- Your First Impression in the Business World

In contrast to Instagram, Facebook, and other well-known platforms that people are using for their entertainment, LinkedIn is particularly designed for business experts and professionals. When people are active on LinkedIn, they aren’t there to enjoy funny videos or gossips. Instead of that, they are using LinkedIn most likely to focus on their business growth, professional development, and career. This makes LinkedIn a great opportunity to offer your expertise and grow your network.

LinkedIn is a networking platform for professionals like financial advisors. It empowers them to connect with people they know and might want to know. It’s just like attending a virtual business meeting with 600 million other participants present and everybody is wearing an ID card with their business title and organization mentioned clearly.

LinkedIn- A Need for Financial Advisors

For what reason, it’s important for you as a financial advisor?

LinkedIn is not just utilized for posting a resume or looking for a job. It has changed into a wide network where you can get incredible opportunities for networking, connect with partners, media, influencers, and share your content with them. Now, LinkedIn has become a huge platform for B2B as well as for B2C marketing.

There are a lot of reasons to use LinkedIn as a financial advisor, let’s discuss the basic ones.

For Improving Reputation

As a financial advisor, you should present yourself as a well-educated, skillful, and trustworthy professional. For building a good reputation like this, you should have a significant presence on LinkedIn. Similarly, by having more than 500 connections, you’ll show up more often in the search results. Even you’ll have more mutual connections and your posts will likewise reach the majority.  

For Building Relationships

Having the option to engage, connect, and offer expertise to potential customers is one of the most significant facts of using LinkedIn as a financial advisor. Indicating that you’re ready to help and offer your services to hundreds of individuals by maintaining your credibility wisely.

Getting More Traffic 

Something that is not referenced enough regarding LinkedIn’s abilities, is its great capability of link building and getting more traffic via posts by using this platform. Just like other networks, LinkedIn has a social sharing option, that permits you to share content, updates on your profile, groups, and business page. This works admirably for your business content and can likewise assist the content in going viral.

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