The Power of LinkedIn Marketing for Financial Advisors

LinkedIn is an integral and powerful platform for growing your business. 

You’re consistently connecting with others on LinkedIn, from new associates to past customers and partners. The more individuals you connect with, the greater chances you have of getting more referrals or connections. LinkedIn has an advanced search feature to assist you in targeting particular locations, companies, job titles, industries, schools, groups, and more.

It’s significant for sharing your content with 500 million professionals around the world. Financial advisor prospecting with LinkedIn is very simple when you realize how to utilize all features of the tools available on it. From sharing and creating content that sets up your position to build strong relations with your audience, LinkedIn is the ideal approach to widen your online significance and presence. 

To get the most out of it as a financial advisor, use its features properly. Let’s find out how!

Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator uses the network effectively on LinkedIn for your potential benefit by recommending leads that fit particular criteria, including seniority, industry, location, among others. By using the right keywords, you can easily connect with the influencers and leaders of your industry.

The tool is an extensive networking method to prospect more leads and converting the prospects more. With features like company search or advanced lead, account recommendations, job changes, and even news alerts of companies, Sales Navigator makes it quite simple to put your efforts forward and tap into a big pool of connection opportunities.

Publishing Platform

LinkedIn’s publishing platform is a great space for financial advisors to connect clients and prospects, become a part of important conversations, build strong relations, and grow themselves as an ideal leader. We’ve seen many financial advisors being successful by sharing their expertise and knowledge on this platform.

If you’re a blogger already, you can get more benefits from your content through the publishing feature. While keeping your post on the blog of your site, post an extract on LinkedIn’s publishing platform, then direct the audience to your site to continue reading the rest of your post. By doing this, you can drive more traffic to your site from your LinkedIn account. Also, you’ll be able to remind your readers that you are constantly educating people.


Presentation slides are an important feature for educating your audience or readers about your investment concepts, financial strategies, and more. If you make presentation slides for your events, try to upload them on the presentation platform of LinkedIn (SlideShare). With millions of visitors, this feature is an amazing opportunity for advisors to get connected with their target audience.

LinkedIn Groups

One of the most beneficial tools available for financial advisors with LinkedIn marketing is “Groups”. Financial Advisors can join a couple of groups featuring financial experts, participating in creating new contacts, and getting unique ideas for generating new business opportunities. LinkedIn groups can be an incredible appointment-generation platform because it’s quite simple to find groups that are participating in financial matters.

Advisors can select groups of specific interests like teachers, retired veterans, young professionals, and other niches and can participate in the conversation stream. As people post different questions daily, advisors can give the right answers to showcase their skills and build a good reputation. It is a good approach to build new relationships.

Wrap up

LinkedIn is a social networking platform. So, here’s the pro tip: try to make it a part of your content marketing strategy. We consider LinkedIn as one of the greatest platforms that every financial advisor should use, that is why we propose posting relevant and useful content consistently. The more involved you are with the platform, the more benefits you’ll get.

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