Secrets to Generating Appointments with your LinkedIn

Is it true that you are struggling to get quality leads?

Wondering how LinkedIn can help?

For some businesses, LinkedIn leads generation gives one of the best returns of all social media network techniques out there. Our research proves that the traffic generated from LinkedIn created the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate (2.74 %)- three times greater than Facebook (0.77 %) and Twitter (0.69 %). With the right sort of pitching, engagement, and targeting you can use your LinkedIn profile to secure more leads for your business.

In this post, you’ll find out how to follow a great lead generation procedure with your LinkedIn profile.

Be active

The most ideal approach to show that you’re active on your LinkedIn profile and you’re interested in making more connections is to post frequently. You can use the LinkedIn Today platform to get news of your field and interests. Even you can post that newsworthy content. This is a very simple process to post and ensure what you’re posting is important and relevant. In this way, you’ll be seen active on your LinkedIn profile and that will get you noticed. Someone in your network might need your expertise and if they notice that you’re always on top of the list in your field, then that would definitely be a new lead.

Create your lead list 

Spend 5 minutes a day in finding the connections of your contacts to check whom you don’t know personally, but would be interested to know. Create a note by mentioning those whom you might want to be introduced to. First of all, start with the “Recommendations,” because those are potentially the strongest connections of the LinkedIn members you are viewing.

Join relevant groups

LinkedIn groups are viewed as a lead generation goldmine. A group is a network of similar LinkedIn experts connected in a limited space to share information, news, and opinions. There are hundreds of groups on LinkedIn including a wide range of discussion topics.  Consider these LinkedIn groups as pre-defined pools of prospects, where great leads are sorted by interest.

Groups are an incredible option for virtual networking and the more active you are on your profile, the more connections you’ll find. As with any type of prospecting, it can take a lot of time. So, avoid joining too many groups in your lead generation passion. Consider a reasonable number of groups that you can easily manage and contribute to.

Share opinions in these groups

Once you have done joining these groups, you must start sharing your experience, knowledge, and opinions with the people, whom you want to connect. For instance, if your organization offers services or products related to the human resources industry, you must join LinkedIn groups likely to be crowded by industry experts.

While chatting in groups, you should focus on the posts that are getting maximum involvement and get actively concerned about them. As you engage, don’t forget to share your opinion in a great manner and avoid self-promotion. Also, try to share your own ideas once or twice every week.

Use Ads to generate leads

Another strategy that can assist you with generating leads instantly is using LinkedIn ads. By using LinkedIn ads, you can convey your message and share the link of your landing pages with your target audience frequently. If you have a strong budget you must be able to get more qualified leads even in a few days and weeks instead of waiting for a long time.

You can use LinkedIn groups and ads when you want these leads urgently and have the budget for it. To begin with, make a test advertisement on a little budget to check how it works. If it satisfies your requirements then you can invest more into it.

LinkedIn is the best platform to connect with business experts and leads. By implementing the right strategies, nothing can prevent you from building your great pipeline ever. 

Now get started, you’ve got leads to find!

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